Travel Insurance

Travelling Canadians

Browse the summary of benefits below to choose the right plan for you:

Benefit All-Inclusive Plan Medical Only Plan Non-Medical Plan
Emergency Medical Check Mark Check Mark  
Trip Cancellation Check Mark Check Mark
Trip Interruption Check Mark   Check Mark
24-hour Emergency Assistance Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Baggage Loss, Delay or Damage Check Mark   Check Mark
Flight Accident Check Mark    
Travel Accident Check Mark  
Family Coverage   Check Mark
Annual Plans   Check Mark  
  All-Inclusive Plan Check Mark Medical Only Plan Check Mark Non-Medical Plan Check Mark

Ingle International offers flexible products and benefits, with 24-hour emergency assistance services. We can also help insure people with complex medical conditions or unique requirements. With a travel insurance plan designed to suit your needs, you can travel with confidence and enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

Travelling Canadians often are not aware of the high costs of medical treatment and hospitalization outside their province or territory of residence, and provincial government health care plans only cover a small portion of the cost. Travel insurance provides the protection you need for emergency medical situations while you are out of the province or out of the country.

Your travel insurance plan can include a range of benefits, such as emergency health insurance, trip cancellation insurance, lost baggage insurance, flight accident insurance, insurance for accidental death and dismemberment, and insurance for rental vehicle damage.